Marjorie Warkentin of Abbotsford has released the book Saying Yes to Life.

Marjorie Warkentin of Abbotsford has released the book Saying Yes to Life.

Abbotsford author releases book about embracing life

Marjorie Warkentin says topics covered are relevant to COVID-19 pandemic

An Abbotsford author has released a new book about living life more fully.

Saying Yes to Life: Embracing the Magic and Messiness of the Journey by Marjorie Warkentin is part memoir and part inspirational.

Warkentin describes the book as a “sensory-filled portrayal of travelling from a place of heavy obligation to a heart-centred life filled with lightness and love.”

She says her book encourages readers to notice where they have been ignoring their intuition and pushing through at all costs and to explore what it looks like to “trust more fully, face uncertainty more courageously, live more authentically and, ultimately, be a true leader of your life.”

Warkentin says she also hopes that readers will embrace adventure more openly.

She said the book was written before the COVID-19 pandemic hit without any idea of the challenges that were ahead for so many people.

“I explore the themes of trusting, surrendering to what I don’t have control over and learning to listen to my inner wisdom. I believe these topics are relevant at this time, and as people are staying close to home, reading my book may well be the answer to their longing for meaning and calm in the midst of all the messiness of life,” Warkentin said.

She is an author, speaker and life path mentor who has spent most of her working career as a nurse in a health-care setting.

Warkentin also describes herself as a trailblazer in many areas of her life, including being the main income earner for her household, providing for her husband and three children long before that was a common situation. She also started running marathons in her 50s.

Saying Yes to Life is available though The Book Man in Abbotsford and at Copies are also available by contacting her directly at

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