Treasure hunters buying gold, silver and other valuables

Abbotsford Super 8 Motel host show which turns gold silver and valuables into cash.

Valuable items like war memorabilia

Valuable items like war memorabilia

Anyone wanting to get rid of their old gold, jewelry, or memorabilia items, may want to check out a “Treasure Hunters” display taking place at the Super 8 Motel in Abbotsford.

THR & Associates, a company which holds shows across North America, will be in town from now until Saturday (March 31) buying items of value.

Show organizers say the event, which opened on Tuesday, has been busy.

“People are cleaning out their lock boxes, their safes and their jewelry boxes and they’re bringing in envelopes, baggies, mittfuls of gold. They are cleaning house for spring,” said Allyson Burden, show manager.

She said for the most part, people are bringing in gold and silver, but some war memorabilia and smaller items have also surfaced.

Antiques, military items, collectibles, historical documents, toys, comic books and even sports memorabilia are often bought at these show.

She said people don’t realize the value they have in their homes.

“They are very surprised when a few broken necklaces translates into several hundred dollars.”

The Super 8 is located at 1881 Sumas way in Abbotsford.

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