Laser cataract surgery comes to Valley Laser Eye Centre

Technique eliminates the use of a manual surgical blade

Valley Laser Eye Centre will be the first practice in western Canada to offer the LenSx laser for custom cataract treatment.

Until now, cataract surgery required the use of a manual surgical blade, but with recent Health Canada approval, selected cataract surgeons across the country can utilize the LenSx laser and eliminate the need for a surgical blade. This “blade-free” laser approach to cataract surgery allows the surgeon to further improve the accuracy and predictability of the procedure, providing patients increased precision and faster healing time.

“Many times patients have inquired, ‘Can my cataract be removed with a laser?’  This notion that was once a futuristic thought is now a reality. The LenSx®laser will boost our surgical potential since the precision of a laser trumps a handheld blade…” said Dr. John BLaylock

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