Discovery Centre endorses use of Fraser to transport gravel

River transport reduces need to truck gravel, with environmental benefit

The Fraser River Discovery Centre (FRDC) has voiced its support for Mainland Sand and Gravel Ltd.’s continuing commitment to transport aggregates using the Fraser River.

Mainland Sand and Gravel announced a new partnership with Ledcor to transport crushed stone and aggregate from its production facility in Abbottsford to various sales points along the Fraser River for distribution to customers. In the new partnership, Ledcor Resources and Transportation is investing in new transportation infrastructure to ensure that the marine portion of the regional aggregate supply chain continues to be environmentally and commercially efficient.

The Fraser River is an important transportation artery in the infrastructure of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia moving thirty (30) million tonnes of cargo annually. Mainland’s commitment to river transportation has grown over the years with contracts to Rivtow (a Smit Towing predecessor) and Seaspan, a major river and coastal towing company.

“Aggregate is a fundamental building block of our society,” said Catherine Ouellet-Martin, Executive Director of FRDC. “As a result of the new partnership, we will see a steady supply of much needed aggregate move on the river to locations throughout the Lower Mainland, where it will then be transhipped to trucks for much shorter hauls than would occur if there was no river component.”

The shorter length of the truck transportation brings both environmental and social benefits to the region’s communities.

“By delivering aggregate, a very heavy load, to locations closer to its intended use, there will be a reduction in diesel fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, lower road congestion, and less road wear and tear,” added Ouellet-Martin.

The two companies indicated that the new agreement will begin in January 2016.

The Fraser River Discovery Centre is an interpretive centre connecting communities in the discovery and celebration of the living, working Fraser River. Located along the Westminster boardwalk at 788 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, the Discovery Centre is open 10:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week throughout the summer. Admission to the galleries is by donation.  For further information visit our website at or call 604-521-8401.

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