Crossroads Pharmacy arrives in Abbotsford

Crossroads Pharmacy, part of the Remedy’s Rx independent group of stores, has opened a new location on Sumas Way and Marshal Road #140 2026 Sumas Way. Its smaller store footprint, coupled with a medical clinic next door, offers customers ultra-personalized and quick service.

“The concept of the community pharmacy has been around a long time, but it was forgotten for a while when the supermarket approach took over,” said Todd Zimmer, co-owner of Crossroads Pharmacy.

“Our Remedy’s store brings that community approach back. Because we’re focused on serving your medical needs in one-stop, your prescriptions can be filled more quickly by a knowledgeable pharmacist from your neighborhood.”

This combination holds an appeal for both professionals looking to save time after their medical appointments, and for seniors seeking added extra care from a familiar face.

“Seeing the same pharmacist more than once has become a rare event at some pharmacies, but not ours,” said Raj Sharma, pharmacist and Crossroads Pharmacy co-owner. “Receiving consistent service from a pharmacist who knows you is really at the core of our business.”

Crossroads Pharmacy customers will receive more service than simply prescription-filling. The pharmacist provides full medication reviews for customers, flu and travel vaccinations, and counseling on health items such as: weight loss, quitting smoking, managing diabetes, as well as free prescription delivery.

The pharmacy also offers a full range of medical and health products, as well as health care products for seniors such as crutches, walkers and compression clothing, etc.

For more information on the location, visit

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