Abbotsford wealth adviser releases new book

Targeted for business owners and farmers

Abbotsford wealth adviser releases new book

An Abbotsford financial adviser has released his third book, called Ready to Sell Your Business?

The book was recently released by HeartBeat Productions Inc.

The book, dedicated to business owners who don’t want to work forever, shows how business owners, and farmers, can plan their exit strategy from their business.

Spitters shows owners how to analyze their current reality, create a solid wealth plan and then take the steps necessary for a successful transition.

“It is very clear to me, that whether a business owner has a transition plan in place or not, one day they will transfer their business to their children, extended family or a third party. The question (that) farmers and business owners face is: Will it be done on their terms (voluntarily) or on someone else’s terms (involuntarily)?” Spitters says.

Spitters, a senior wealth adviser with Assante Capital Management Ltd., grew up on a dairy farm on Nicomen Island in Mission and has immediate family and relatives still operating dairy, poultry and crop farms.

His book describes some of the steps to take and where to get additional advice and assistance to navigate the treacherous shoals of Canada’s complicated tax code, and how to help business owners and farm families keep the taxman at bay.

Spitters’ first book, Who’s Investing Your Money?, was published in 2016 and offers questions, suggestions and guidelines about how to find the best financial adviser for your situation.

His second book, How to Sell Your Farm Successfully (2016), addresses the challenge that farmers face as they plan for retirement and transitioning their farm.

Spitters is offering a free copy of his books to farm and business owners in B.C. (Contact him at or at 604-855-6846.)

His books are also available for purchase at online at