Abbotsford banker releases investment book

Book by Dave Harder draws on years of personal experience

Abbotsford banker releases investment book

An Abbotsford banker has drawn on his own experience in the markets, in life, and as a search and rescue volunteer to write a book on investing and human psychology.

Dave Harder, a vice-president and portfolio manager at RBC Wealth Management, Dominion Securities in Abbotsford, wrote Mind, Money and Markets with New York psychiatrist Janice Dorn.

“People are suffering from information overload,” Harder said. “We wanted to provide a filter so people can focus only on what we believe really impacts economies and markets, and ignore all the other noise.”

Harder and Dorn had already spent years writing investment newsletters, and the two used that information as a basis for the book.

But the book also uses stories from Harder’s own life – he was a long-term volunteer with Kent and Harrison Search and Rescue and has ran marathons and competed in triathlons – to bring a human edge to investing.

“We hope readers will learn what really drives markets of any type,” he said. “Although making disciplined decisions is simple, it is not easy.”

The book has received plaudits from several investment professionals, and Harder said he’s received invitations for speaking engagements because of the book.

Mind, Money and Markets is available on in paperback and hardcover formats or as an eBook.