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COLUMN: Time to adopt the ‘Castle Doctrine’

COLUMN: Time to adopt the ‘Castle Doctrine’

Abbotsford Police Department has just launched a crime map of our community, detailing where break-ins, thefts and other bad things happen in our neighbourhoods. Accessible online at, by clicking on Reports & Stats then Abbotsford Crime Mapping, one of the purposes of the map is to let you know when crime is increasing in your area.

COLUMN: Time to adopt the ‘Castle Doctrine’

COLUMN: Whose rights should be paramount?

One of the deterrents to entering a life of crime was the potential for losing everything. Another, of course, was the possibility of having, on a regular basis, to visit Bubba in the shower.

RUSHTON: The potential exists for devastation here

What seems to be endless rain and a spring that never arrives have been driving me crazy lately. Thanks to my puppy I have been out in rain, snow, sleet and hail while encouraging him to always take care of his bodily functions outside. Factor in a companion geriatric dog who is reluctant to face inclement weather, and the frustration of standing on the deck begging one to exit while keeping the other from running in and out, takes swearing to new heights.

RUSHTON: Selling the stuff that dreams are made of

There is no shortage of interest or dollars when it comes to playthings, and that point was brought home to me yesterday morning when I attended the adult male equivalent of Toys-R-Us held at Tradex.

RUSHTON: It’s not nice being outside, facing the cold

Last Thursday morning the mercury was almost in minus double digits, the windchill forcing the felt-temperature into the -20s, and I was standing outside in PJs, rubber moccasins and a jacket over my bathrobe.

RUSHTON: Little thought went into this

Last week, driving through the State of Washington (which some Americans inexplicably pronounce ‘Worshingtun’) I was surprised at how it has embraced roundabouts.

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