Mark Rushton

COLUMN: Pioneering strength is what makes us great.

Living here 40 years or more qualifies you to attend the MSA Pioneers’ annual dinner, celebrating its 78th anniversary

COLUMN: Our iconic nation-builder may be leaving us

Canadian Pacific Railway, which helped unite Canada, may be moving headquarters to the U.S.

A colossal collection of cool stuff

Granny and Grumpa's located at 37936 Wells Line Road has what is considered the largest single stock of antiques in B.C.

COLUMN: Spectacular falls are worth a visit

Rather than while away a hot afternoon in the shade of the big cherry tree ...

An original walk back in time

Old Yale Road was instrumental in creation of the City of Abbotsford.

COLUMN: It’s not dry lawns we should be worrying about

If there is an upside to the drought we are currently experiencing, it is that lawn mowing is almost a forgotten activity

COLUMN: From powerhouse to home

Proud remnant of the valley’s first transit system

COLUMN: Right or wrong, it’s about amassing numbers

My introduction to federal politics in the Fraser Valley came in the spring of 1968...

COLUMN: Change needed, only when it doesn’t work

There is an old adage down on the farm that says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

COLUMN: ‘Taxes’ will be levied despite plebiscite outcome

If one is to believe the polls, Metro Vancouver’s transit plebiscite is going down to defeat – or if you are on the “No” side, to victory

COLUMN: Something for everyone, indoors and out

For someone who enjoys spending as much time outside as possible, this past weekend was as close to sterling as it gets...

COLUMN: Only bulletproofing needed is on my house

It’s so warm in Prince George, during the ongoing Canada Winter Games in that city, they had to shut down the outdoor speed skating oval...

COLUMN: We may end up thanking the Saudis for this

Trust my luck, the price of fuel always drops to reasonable prices just when I have no desire to drive anywhere...

COLUMN: Who needs gifts when you have friends?

In my case, I’ve had so many of them and through those years have accumulated so much stuff I don’t need anything else...

COLUMN: Nothing like a breath of fresh air

Many trees have already lost their leaves, though most in the yard are hanging on grimly to their foliage...

COLUMN: Often difficult to visualize the size

Hands up anyone who can visualize how much water is in an Olympic-sized swimming pool...

COLUMN: Border crossing expansion should help

What began as a pleasant visit of reminiscence to a U.S. state park a little bit southeast of here turned into the road trip from hell...

COLUMN: Recalling the inspiration for adventure

At the end of the adventure, horses and gear in the trailer, we enthusiastically praised ourselves on going where few had gone before...

COLUMN: Vacation spending priorities are strange

When I read the results of online and/or telephone surveys, my first question is always, “Who are the people being surveyed?”

COLUMN: ‘Training time’ for drivers, business and council

It’s going to be a long, slow summer now that two-kilometre-long coal trains have begun their passage through downtown Abbotsford...