Andrew Holota

COLUMN: Getting back to teaching and learning

The B.C. Teachers’ Federation will have made its point – it can’t stand provincial governments telling it what to do.

COLUMN: Good riddance to long-gun registry

I have an urge to go outside and fire a gun in the air. That would be ill-advised, of course

COLUMN: The ‘virtue’ of good communication

Last week, we learned that American television is interested in virgins – actually, four in particular, all of whom hail from Abbotsford.

COLUMN: The outrage of Olson and the justice system

The Beast of B.C. – serial child killer Clifford Robert Olson – is days away from dying of cancer. When the last breath leaves the body of this 71-year-old psychopath, it will be the final page of Canada’s most horrific criminal case, but many questions will remain.

COLUMN: Hockey fans were part of the anarchy

It seems another rude awakening is due, after last week’s sickening display of violence in downtown Vancouver.

Almost immediately after the Stanley Cup riot of 2011, authorities were blaming the mayhem on a small number of “anarchists, criminals, thugs, etc.”

It sounded plausible.

COLUMN: Digitized dating in the teen cyberworld

Ultimately, it has to happen, even in the world of “undating.”
The Split. The Break-up.

COLUMN: Sanity of the justice system is in question

On Sunday, April 6, 2008, Darcie Clarke returned to her Merritt trailerhome…

EDITORIAL: Dam the money flow

The aging Ruskin Dam on the north side of the Fraser could be on the last chapter of its considerable history, if Rich Coleman has his way.

HOLOTA: All washed up with this domestic chore

We’ve had some fun with man-woman roles and stereotyping here the past…

ANDREW HOLOTA: To pursue or not: The police enigma

They’re damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.Police officers are…

ANDREW HOLOTA: A healthy suspicion of health products

In this space, I recently offered some male-oriented observations about the complex…

HOLOTA: What makes a good man, according to women

Heads up, gentlemen. As we learned in last week’s column, the majority of women have expectations of their partners that extend past Valentine’s Day, and right through the other 364.

HOLOTA: Insight into ‘what were they thinking?’

“Walk a mile in my shoes...”That phrase probably goes through the mind…