Andrew Holota

COLUMN: Obsolescence is a matter of mind

Take a jacket, it could get cold and rain later tonight ...

COLUMN: Being prepared for the unpredictable

How many times do people have to be told that they should expect, and be prepared for, a major emergency?

COLUMN: Distracted driving … and just plain dumb

Distracted driving has the attention of the province once again, with authorities pondering whether to ratchet up fines for texting

COLUMN: Drowning in denial over water conservation

While the great majority of residents are understanding, there are a few who think it’s their “right” to use water as they wish...

COLUMN: Far better to be proud than fearful

Some members of the LBGTQ community feel they haven’t achieved equality yet, and are willing to call attention to the issue...

COLUMN: The perilous path of public perception

After nearly 40 years in the journalism business, one would think I’ve “seen ‘em all"...

COLUMN: The most important thing to know

Those early words heralded a child’s journey in an endless accumulation of knowledge...

COLUMN: More help needed for kids with mental health issues

Perhaps it’s a greater awareness on the part of parents that some child behaviours are indicators something is seriously amiss...

COLUMN: The dream of home ownership is slipping away

Is the Canadian dream of home ownership beyond the grasp for the majority of the next generation in the Lower Mainland?

COLUMN: Immunization a ‘community’ responsibility

Some provinces require children to be vaccinated before they can attend public school. How long before others follow suit?

COLUMN: Cruel online condemnation and conjecture

Columns heralding the new year are usually reflective of the past 12 months, or contain heartfelt, hopeful wishes for the next dozen...

COLUMN: Government: Wake up, and hear the cannons

How do you stop a provincial government in its tracks, and make it run for cover, and hide behind old legislation?

COLUMN: Sanctioned homeless camp rife with issues

Let there be no illusion – this city has a serious homeless problem, with some people living in deplorable conditions

COLUMN: More talk, and then hopefully, more action

One has to wonder what the task force on homelessness is going to talk about that hasn’t already been jawed and gnawed to the bone...

COLUMN: Digital dialogue that’s gone too far

Instead of actually talking to your lunch guest, you can be Tweeting your menu choice, texting your BFF, checking the weather in Bolivia...

COLUMN: On the face of it, city loses if project fails

In the frustrating, sad chess game that has developed between the homeless and city hall in Abbotsford...

Homeless moving out of Jubilee Park in Abbotsford

Occupants of protest camp obey injunction to leave public park

Syrian refugee crisis: Spectrum of aid delivered by MCC

Abbotsford link to couple working for agency in Beirut

COLUMN: ‘Refugees are people like you and me’

If a country’s citizens are its lifeblood, Syria has been literally and figuratively bleeding people for more than two years...

Syrian refugee crisis: Christianity motivating force behind a portion of aid effort

Trusted and efficient, Christian churches in Jordan and Lebanon help identify civil war refugees and distribute aid