5 to start your day

5 to start your day

Marijuana legalization, NDP platform and more you need to know

1. Ottawa to introduce pot legalization legislation

The University of British Columbia is set to vote on a new sexual misconduct policy in the wake of allegations it mishandled complaints against a history PhD student and former creative writing chairman Steven Galloway. See more >


2. Chilliwack Mounties join the ‘no stripe’ campaign to protest wages

Local RCMP officers among the latest to protest pay packages and right to collective bargaining. See more >

3. Lower Mainland’s first pet hospice will comfort animals in their final chapter

An Abbotsford veterinarian is setting out to ease the pain brought on by dying pets – pain in sick dogs and cats and in the hearts of their owners saying goodbye. See more >

4. Rally in Maple Ridge over youth worker wages

Maple Ridge child and youth mental health workers and protection workers skipped their lunch break Wednesday and picked up picket signs to protest what they say are low wages, staff shortages and overwork. See more >

5. NDP to hand down platform this morning

How the party will deal with MSP, marijuana legalization and childcare are all still up in the air. See more >