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City of Abbotsford

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Address: 32315 South Fraser Way

Phone: 604-853-2281

Size/Seating Capacity : 170,191

Brief History:

Abbotsford is the fifth largest municipality in British Columbia, home to 133,497 people (2011). Its Census Metropolitan Area, which includes the District of Mission, is the 23rd largest in Canada, with 170,191 people. Abbotsford has the third highest proportion of visible minorities among Census Metropolitan Areas in Canada. It has also been named by Statistics Canada as Canada's most generous city in terms of donations for nine straight years.

Abbotsford's population has more than doubled since 1981. Between 1981 and 2006, the population increased by 126 percent. While the rate of growth has slowed in recent years, the community has continued to be one of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada. Results for the 2006 Census indicate that the city grew 7.2 percent between 2001 and 2006.

The largest racial group is European Caucasian, comprising approximately 73.6% of the population. The next largest racial group in Abbotsford is South Asian, comprising 19% of the population.

The Village of Abbotsford was incorporated in 1892. In 1972 it amalgamated with the District of Sumas into the District of Abbotsford. The District of Abbotsford amalgamated with the District of Matsqui in 1995 to become the City of Abbotsford.

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