Why different screening?

I am wondering about a factor that may have some meaning to Elizabeth Strecker’s story.

We have all heard the horror story at the Calgary airport, but there is no mention of the apparent  lack of  security screening when she left B.C., I’m assuming by air.

If Calgary’s screening is called standard, then by logic, B.C.’s is less than standard because of what that airport’s security did not find – her gel-filled prosthesis.

If she did travel by air from B.C., and the same screening process is supposed to take place across Canada, then why was there this issue in Calgary if there was no issue in B.C.?

If there is to be applied, the same standard of security across Canada and to the high degree that Calgary applied; then why is it we are not hearing about the lax security standards that did not find Ms. Strecker’s gel-filled prosthesis on her trip from B.C. to Calgary?

The two faces of government?

Either way, there is a security issue, and no CSA Standards of applied security for the traveling public – just government BS if and when they maintain that both airports  have the same security standards.

Thanks for helping this lady.

 Herb and Maryanne Calkin