Morality guidelines could cost taxpayers

Thank you for being a voice of reason Mayor Bruce Banman!

Thank you for being a voice of reason Mayor Bruce Banman! I am writing in regards to the ‘offensive’ protection policy as written about in the Abbotsford News Jan. 25.

I agree with our Mayor that an exercise designed to identify and block events to everything that may be ‘offensive’ as heading down a ‘dangerous slope’ is correct. As a taxpayer I worry that city council will impose guidelines that will hinder the potential events that can take place in Abby facilities, and as a result, cost the taxpayers money.

Due to the inability of a few people to reflect internally and realize their moral crusade is a misguided attempt in creating an unrealistic utopia, we the taxpayers may suffer. Do they want to destroy what the people of Global Spectrum and Tradex have been hard at work to achieve? Well-run businesses that have a good reputation and have attracted great headlines and events for the city year after year. I for one want the AE&SC to make money, and if this policy goes through it could negatively impact who visits our city.

The days of the Bible Belt are over and it is time for the city to realize that the narrow mindedness of the few should not dictate our policies. Let the business operate, learn to mind your own business and everything will be ‘Peachy’.

Brandon Monahan