LETTER: Very special house for sale

Eight years ago, volunteers from Abbotsford generously responded …

Eight years ago, volunteers from Abbotsford generously responded when our family asked for help.

We had just bought a house, and before we could move in with our 20-year-old son, Angus, who used a powerchair, we had to make it accessible.

The Abbotsford News graciously published our story to get the word out. Neighbours, friends, volunteers connected to Habitat for Humanity, and a teacher and carpentry students from Riverside College in Mission donated their time to help with the renovations.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association provided an elevator, and a few months later we were able to move in.

Angus’s Dad, a carpenter and artist, continued with the woodworking and finishing work making it the beautiful home it is today.

Angus lived five happy, fulfilling years in this “house by the forest” before he passed away. He provided employment for several caregivers who greatly enriched his life.

He played Powerchair Soccer, attending a World Cup in Japan. He was a student at UFV. He supported local music.

As a member of the Baha’i Community, he participated in a play sponsored by the Reach Gallery called “Peace by Piece.”

Thank you, to the volunteers, our neighbours, friends, family, Canuck Place, and anyone who knew Angus, for making a difference in his life.

Now it’s time for us to sell our house, move closer to Angus’s brother, and spend some time with our grandson. It’s time to pass on the house Abbotsford helped renovate for Angus, hopefully to another family in need of an accessible home with an elevator.

Details about the listing can be found in the Friday Real Estate Weekly section of this paper.

Thank you to the Abbotsford News for sharing Angus’s story and for the opportunity for us to show our appreciation to the community of Abbotsford.

Cheryl and Gordon Epp