LETTER: Paying their kindness forward

Kind act in restaurant made our day

My wife and I are senior citizens and we recently dined at the Pantry restaurant in Abbotsford.

We sat across from a delightful lady and her young daughter and son, and very much enjoyed conversing with them.

They really made our day, so much so that we offered to pay for their meals, but the lady wouldn’t have it.

After finishing her meal, she gave us a hug. We were so sorry to see them leave. When it came our time to leave, and we went to pay our bill, we found out that this lovely family had paid our bill! How wonderful!

They really made our day and we drove home with real thankful hearts. So sorry we didn’t get to know their names but we hope she might read this in your fine newspaper and recognize herself as the wonderful lady who truly made our day. God bless them!

Alex Zytaruk