LETTER: Kids have nothing to do with teachers’ wage increase

Children have been stressed by recent teacher job action

I think it’s more than awful what my kids are being put through with all the stress and forced to write tests and do projects which they still had time to do. All of the sudden everything was due tomorrow (June 13)!

Shame on teachers for walking out on our kids, and forcing kids to work extra over and above. They have been upset and crying because of all the forced work that has been thrown at them.

All this hard work probably won’t even count because there probably won’t be a report card.

Stop saying you are working for a fair deal for kids. Kids have nothing to do with your wage increase that benefits you teachers, not kids.

Parents live in fear of saying anything negative about these walkout strikes. Well, I am tired and sickened and my children have been stressed enough.

K. Amaya