LETTER: Harm reduction not for Abbotsford

It's time to get serious about the homeless. Tell all the do-gooders...to mind their own business.

To the Editor.

It’s time to get serious about the homeless. Tell all the do-gooders who show up for a little publicity every time the situation heats up to mind their own business. This has become a political fight and that isn’t helping anyone.

First of all these people need real help. That doesn’t mean a new tent in the woods or a plywood monstrosity taking up some public area.

It’s time for a little tough love. Instead of asking a substance addicted or mentally impaired individual if they want help, they are detained and treated first. When they are sober/straight or properly medicated, then the offer for help can be made and if accepted, great. A chance to get one individual off the street. If they refuse, anything else is going to make us all enablers of whatever problem they have.

The idea of providing clean drug paraphernalia or a service like Vancouver’s Insite does nothing to change the problem.

Most people in Abbotsford have had to experience the request for money in the local parking lots, and many have experienced the fallout that occurs if the answer is no.

I’m not interested in harm reduction, and after seeing the horrific mess the last organized camp made I’m in full support of the whole NIMBY attitude. I don’t want these people untreated living anywhere near me and I seriously don’t think local businesses are going to be willing to suffer by concentrating the problem anywhere near them.

Help them by treating the underlying problem of addiction or mental illness by force if necessary. Then maybe they can be responsible citizens again.

For all those misguided bleeding hearts who are in favour of a low barrier facility which does nothing to actually treat the problem, how about you offer your back yard, or your spare room, or ask your church to take them in.

F. Forshner