LETTER: Ending the use of the ‘R’ word

Letter-writer applauds the advocacy work being done by local high school school students

Thank you so much for writing a piece on the wonderful advocacy being done by Roshan Gosal in his campaign to end the use of the “R” word (Abbotsford News, April 8).

His description of the “R” word as being “no different than any other hate word” hit the nail on the head.  As a parent of a little girl with Down syndrome, I have supported this campaign and have urged family, friends and colleagues to remove this word from their vocabulary.

It is offensive and hurtful to the families of children with special needs.  It is not easy to raise a child with special needs and I have met the most amazing and dedicated parents in my journey of raising my daughter; we have to cope with various health issues and developmental delays and none of these parents find the use of the “R” word acceptable.

It is not a matter of political correctness or of oversensitivity. It is a matter of respect, inclusion and equality. I commend Roshan and his fellow Special Olympic volunteers and athletes for bringing awareness to various high schools.

I will certainly be joining him in his campaign to remove this word from the vernacular.

Sandra Di Curzio