God created marijuana

Re: Medical marijuana government approved madness.

Re: Medical marijuana government approved madness.

Stop the madness? Letter writer George Bochenek needs to give his head a shake. His concern is the effects of the second-hand smoke. What about cigarettes? I still have to walk through an entrance to a store or restaurant and take a breath of someone’s cigarette smoke.

People who take marijuana for medical purposes don’t commonly smoke it in public – that is not the purpose. The purpose is to relieve pain and they will smoke it anyway, whether a governing body says they can or not.

My Crohn’s is greatly relieved by it, but I never smoke it in public. I smoke at night to help me sleep by relaxing my diseased digestive system, help me digest my food and relieve the pain I feel most of the time. Is that OK George?

Expect nothing less from some people, ignorance is bliss.

God created marijuana – funny how those in the Bible Belt forget that when crucifying a medical clinic that legally licenses patients to smoke it. Yes George, patients, that is what we are. Ever seen an MS or MD patient before and after they smoke marijuana? Only a fool could not see how they benefit.

Tony Brinks