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Woman accuses B.C. police officer of sextortion, grooming

Officer suspended amid investigation into allegations of threatening to post woman’s sex videos online
A Victoria police officer has been suspended amid an investigation into allegations of sextortion. (Black Press Media file photo)

A woman has accused a Victoria police officer of grooming and extorting her with threats to post her sex videos online if she spoke out about their relationship.

The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner confirmed on Thursday that the woman’s allegations are connected to an investigation that led to a VicPD officer being suspended on Dec. 12.

In a TikTok video posted last month, the young woman recounts the alleged extortion, how she first met the officer when she was a minor and said VicPD ignored her multiple reports about the officer and sexual assault.

“This is a story of how I was extorted by a supervisor, a Victoria police officer, and treated poorly by the department when I reported the incident,” the woman said in the seven-minute video.

The poster said she met the officer, who was her ex-boyfriend’s father when she was a vulnerable 15-year-old who was struggling with drug addiction and living on the street. She reconnected with the VicPD member in 2022 after getting sober.

“He knew I was struggling with some problems so he started taking me out for coffees and then we started talking every day.”

He would comment on her Instagram pictures that she was beautiful and started having sexual conversations with her while he was on duty, the video’s poster said.

“He would be talking for hours while he was on duty, driving around in the police car. I would hear private information, including descriptive details of incidents occurring in the city, including names.”

Knowing she was lonely, the woman said the officer pulled her in by being supportive and calling her every day. Then in April of this year, he discussed having an intimate relationship and was adamant about making sex tapes to ensure she wouldn’t tell his wife and family.

“If I did, he was going to post them online. He took like multiple videos of me and refused to give me any access to them,” she said.

“I started to feel used and asked for him to help me but he was unwilling to do so. He would sleep with me in his truck in public spaces in the community, which I expressed to him made me feel disgusting.”

The woman recalled running into the officer’s son and alleged she was sexually assaulted by him after their relationship ended. She immediately told the officer about it but said he never encouraged her to report it and didn’t report it himself “even though he was still on duty and had an obligation to do so.”

After begging him to provide her with their sex videos in June, she said the officer refused. She then told VicPD about the extortion, the alleged sexual assault and how she could hear private information when on the phone with the officer.

“Multiple of the police officers in the department laughed at me, told me to go away because they were friends with (the officer) and wanted to protect him,” she said in the video.

The woman said she was told by VicPD officers that no file was made from her multiple reports and claimed they refused to look at her evidence.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

After receiving a complaint about the officer earlier this year, the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC) assigned the Vancouver Police Department to investigate.

The officer subject to the allegations was suspended on Dec. 12, after Vancouver police received “new information” about the complaint and advised the VicPD that the officer would be suspended effective immediately.

“The Victoria Police Department takes allegations of misconduct seriously and fully supports the investigative process and this decision,” VicPD said on Dec. 12. “We are accountable to the citizens and communities we serve.”

In light of the video’s allegations, Black Press Media asked VicPD on Thursday for comment and if the public can have confidence it can come to VicPD with reports of sexual crimes, abuse and exploitation. VicPD has not yet responded.

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