VIDEO: BC Liberals rue lack of NDP local opposition

VIDEO: BC Liberals rue lack of NDP local opposition

Abbotsford South riding president says lack of NDP campaigning ‘disrespected’ democracy

As results come in, Abbotsford South BC Liberal riding president Ron Gladiuk says he would have liked to see the NDP mount more of an opposition campaign in the riding.

The NDP candidate in the riding, Jasleen Arora, did not attend all candidates meeting, and had little other presence throughout the four-week campaign.

Gladiuk said local party supporters were able to spend time campaigning elsewhere given the local strength.

But he blasted the NDP for failing to mount a real challenge.

“Our opponent was a total no show,” he said. “I’m not happy about that at all, it’s almost disrespectful to the democratic process. Shame on them for putting in essentially a joke candidate. They invested nothing in constituents for Abbotsford. I think you will see the results tonight, voters will punish them for that no show.”

Gladiuk added that the lack of competition allowed local volunteers to help the Liberals in other ridings.