Calf on the loose captured safely on Sumas Way in Abbotsford

Police call on two farmers to assist with the incident on Tuesday morning

An Abbotsford Police officer tailed a cow on the loose in November

An Abbotsford Police officer tailed a cow on the loose in November

A calf on the loose in Abbotsford traffic was captured without harm on Tuesday morning.

Const. Paul Walker said the incident went better than one in November in which the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) was highly criticized after an officer fired 24 shots to kill a cow that had escaped from a local property.

In that incident, the cow – first reported running in traffic at South Parallel and Whatcom roads – made its way along the freeway and through residential and business properties before it was shot on Sumas Way just north of South Fraser Way.

At the time, police said they had tried to locate farmers who could help capture the cow, but they were unable to do so because it was Sunday and businesses were closed.

Walker said, since that time, the APD has expanded its list of people who are available to assist at all hours in such occurrences.

The latest incident began at 9:10 a.m. Tuesday, when police received reports of a calf running in and out of traffic on Sumas Way near Highway 1.

Walker said police were able to reach two farmers/ranchers on their list who were able to come to the scene and catch up to the calf, as officers stopped traffic in the area.

The animal was then safely captured at 9:36 a.m. in a field on Sumas Way near Vye Road and returned to its owner at a nearby stockyard.