Abbotsford MP to take over as Acting Foreign Affairs Minister

International Trade Minister MP Ed Fast to take over foreign affairs job from John Baird.

With the pending resignation of John Baird from cabinet, several media outlets are reporting that Abbotsford MP Ed Fast will take over duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs, at least on a temporary basis.

Fast is no stranger to intercontinental travel, having served as Minister of International Trade since May of 2011, and a privy council order from January lists Fast as acting minister should Baird be unable to perform the function of his office.

CBC and several other outlets have reported that Fast is slated to become Acting Foreign Affairs Minister.

Baird, a long-time Conservative who has held a range of high-profile posts in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, made his announcement Tuesday morning in the House of Commons after news broke Monday night that he was set to quit cabinet and not run in the 2015 federal election.

Baird has been outspoken both about the need to take a hardline on Russia regarding that country’s support for rebels in Ukraine, and on the need to confront the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

Watch for more details.