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Abbotsford's William A. Fraser presents Connections Matter project

Community invited to video reveal event on Wednesday (June 12)

William A. Fraser Middle School in Abbotsford revealed their Connections Matter project on Wednesday (June 12) that they had been working on since December. 

"We recognize that even though we are individuals, we are interconnected as one part of the community," principal Ian Levings said. 

The project invited participants to give advice to their past and future selves. With over 200 entries of advice, the students and teachers had the tough job of sifting through them to create two videos. 

Around 100 students from Grade 6 to 8 participated. From appearing on screen, speaking at the event, guiding guests, playing in the band, and even shaking hands with visitors, the Connections Matter project became a school-wide focus throughout the year. 

Those who participated on film day included international students who recorded their voices in both English and Korean; Equity League students from Grades 6, 7 and 8; and the Grade 8 students from Jamie Leeman and Annelise Pestana’s class.

Abbotsford school district superintendent Sean Nosek, Mayor Ross Siemens, and members of the Abbotsford Police Department and Abbotsford Fire Department were also filmed sharing their advice. 

The advice ranged from chasing your dreams, not changing yourself to fit in with others, and to not spend too much time playing video games. Character traits such as perseverance, hard work and kindness were shared from plenty of speakers. 

William A. Fraser will be sharing the videos to be seen by the public. To learn more visit