Why Mobile?
Mobile sites lead to mobile purchases. Consumers are more likely to buy a product or service if your website is optimized for mobile and they are more likely to return to a site in the future if the experience on mobile is good. If your site isn't optimized for mobile, shoppers will go elsewhere.
Business-driving features
The key to creating a great mobile website is the careful implementation of thumb-friendly features. These are what provide your customers with the small screen experience they require.
Enables your customers to contact you with just the push of a button. 61% of consumers say the ability to easily call a business is critical to the decision to make a purchase.
mobile maps
Ensures that your customers will always be able to find their way to your door.
long story short
If they’re happy with your site, mobile customers mean business. 73% of mobile searches trigger an additional action like making a phone call or visiting a business.
Puts your most enticing deal right in the palm of your customers' hands.
your customers are already mobile
An impressive 2/3 of all mobile phone owners now use their device to access the web.
your immediate results
73% of visitors prefer a mobile-friendly website. 61% will abandon a site right away that isn't optimized for mobile
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