Celebrating foolishness

An upcoming Abbotsford production will celebrate the community’s diversity – and foolishness.

Cliff Prang is hosting Friday night’s variety show

Cliff Prang is hosting Friday night’s variety show

An upcoming Abbotsford production will celebrate the community’s diversity – and foolishness.

Fest of Fools is a variety show taking place on Friday, April 1 at Matsqui Centennial Auditorium, 32315 South Fraser Way.

It will feature local and professional comedians, musicians and dancers.

The event is being hosted by Cliff House Events Entertainment, operated by local comedian Cliff Prang, and the Abbotsford Food Bank.

According to Prang, the show’s MC, the April Fools’ Day event will transition between music, improvisational theatre, dance and stand-up comedy.

“We’re trying to cover as much of the arts as possible, with some foolish things as well.”

Prang has more than 10 yeas of experience doing improv, including training in Vancouver and numerous tours across Canada and the U.S.

While this is the first production for Cliff House, it has been a long time in the making.

A self-proclaimed outsider in high school, Prang found his niche when he joined an improv group and started competing in the Canadian Improv Games.

He quickly realized he had a knack for comedy but questioned if it was a smart career path.

So he veered into a different direction, exploring leadership and becoming a pastor.

“But every time I took a turn around a corner, I realized this is who I am – I’m an entertainer. And every time I pursued performing, I excelled and was successful.”

Following a stint with the Panic Squad, a travelling improv comedy troupe, he was craving some creative control. It led him to create Cliff House Event Entertainment.

His logo features a house on the edge of a cliff.

The idea, said Prang, is that the house is his family and foundation where he takes his faith. It’s on solid ground, but on the edge – and it’s a long way down. It represents the risk he’s taking to be creative and motivate others.

“It’s purposeful,” he said.

His first production is inspired by those who have impacted him in past performances.

It will feature the Langley Ukulele Ensemble; the Abbotsford-based Indo-Canadian dance group Ghida Melna Da Dancers; violinist Calvin Dyck; a duet featuring Prang and Mayor George Peary, and a performance by local ’80s tribute band, Heatseeker.

Tickets for the family event are $20 each, with $5 donated to the Abbotsford Food Bank.

They are $25 at the door, unless you mention this article in the News, and you will receive the advance price.

Tickets are also available at festoffools.eventbrite.com until noon on Friday, March. 31.