Yale Secondary students Dare to Care

Abbotsford school fundraiser collects more than $19,000 for water and sanitation projects in Kenya.

Megan Marshall

Megan Marshall

Yale Secondary students pulled an all-nighter on Friday, and their Dare to Care fundraiser garnered more than double its goal.

The fundraiser saw eight theme rooms at the school: A mechanical bull, laser tag, a Survivor room, Hogwarts and others, all designed and run by Ms. Rajabally’s senior leadership class. The party went from 6 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday.

To participate, students had to raise a minimum of $50 through their own initiatives for the cause. Some 300 students got involved, and some raised more than the minimum $50.

“I was really happy,” said teacher Doug Primrose, who oversaw Dare to Care. “Some of the kids raised more than $200.”

The result is approximately $19,100 for the agency Free the Children, which will put the money toward clean water and sanitation projects for a village in Kenya. The goal was to raise $8,500, which is enough to cover one project, said Primrose. With the additional funding, more than double the objective, the same village will see at least two initiatives.

“The kids really bought into the fun of it,” said Rajabally.

So, too, did the mayor. Bruce Banman showed up, sang some karaoke, and rode the mechanical bull.

The event was a first at Yale, but likely the first of many. Primrose said he will definitely plan another for next year.