Green Fighter picks ways to stay healthy on a holiday

Nicole Bradley's Easter tips for managing your health on a holiday

Abbotsford's Green Fighter Nicole Bradley walks her dog Harley on Easter weekend.

Abbotsford's Green Fighter Nicole Bradley walks her dog Harley on Easter weekend.

Abbotsford’s Green Fighter Nicole Bradley met her Easter challenge with enthusiasm. The challenge called for the competitors to come up with ways to stay healthy at Easter time.

Here are Nicole’s five ways to stay healthier on a holiday:

1) Dark chocolate, in moderation of course – it’s Easter so you can’t totally deny yourself treats. So if you’ve got to have it, make it dark!

2) Use a lunch-sized plate – I do this all the time, but sspecially at family gatherings where there is a ton of food. This way I fill up my plate and trick my brain into thinking I’m still having as much as I would be if I was using a dinner plate (which I normally cant finish anyways!)

3) Give small gift inside hallow plastic easter eggs – Pick up little trinkets that will fit into those toy eggs and give those to your kids (or hide them for a hunt) instead of doing all chocolate eggs. Do we really need all that extra chocolate laying around? As a mom, dad, big brother or sister, you know whose really going to be the one to end up eating all the extras!

4) Have an Easter egg hunt outdoors – this one is weather permitting of course, but if you can get outside and enjoy some some sunshine, DO IT! and while you’re out there, why not join in the hunt and run around with the kids, you’ll be sneaking in some extra calorie burning time!

5) Take an egg decorating class with friends or family – There are tons of special classes offered around Easter time that will teach you the traditional Ukrainian ways of egg decorating. Maybe you can reconnect with some lost family history and discover new traditions!

The 13-week contest kicked off March 1, and encourages competitors to adopt healthier lifestyles while raising money for cancer research.

“I knew I wanted to donate some of my time and volunteer at the (Canadian) Cancer Society because I had turned 22 and my dad had lost his arm to cancer when he was 22.”

Bradley –  a dispatcher at Terralink Horticulture – also had a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and be more involved in the community.

“It kind of fit into both of those goals.”

As the competitor for Abbotsford, Bradley is up against 12 other contestants from around the Lower Mainland. Each week, they will take part in a challenge – from creating recipes to making an inspirational video – for a chance to win weekly prizes. The contestant who shows the greatest improvement in health at the end of the 13 weeks will win a cruise.

To follow Bradley’s progress, go to the Kin’s Green Fighters Facebook page.

To donate to Bradley’s fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society, click here.