Funding to help prevent flooding

Project will upgrade Barrowtown Pump Station

A $200,000 project to upgrade the Barrowtown Pump Station circuit breaker in Abbotsford, announced on Friday, will help protect residents from potential flooding.

The funding is a joint investment by the federal, provincial and municipal government with each covering one-third of the funding.

The funding will allow for the installation of a back-up circuit breaker at the existing Barrowtown Pump Station which will allow the city to resume operation of the pump if the existing breaker fails.

“The installation of a back-up circuit breaker will provide residents with a great degree of comfort knowing that the Barrowtown facility will protect people and their property in the event of flooding,” said Darryl Plecas, MLA for Abbotsford South.

This project is part of $27 million that will support a total of 26 flood mitigation projects which will help communities address existing flood concerns, and take proactive steps toward preventing flooding emergencies.

Flood protection projects were selected from local government or dike authority applications that offered cost-effective solutions for areas at risk.