Yvonne Douma of Abbotsford has released her first book.

Yvonne Douma of Abbotsford has released her first book.

Abbotsford woman releases book to help with post-COVID communication jitters

Yvonne Douma says people might be feeling anxious about returning to office

An Abbotsford award-winning communication coach has launched her first book.

Yvonne Douma’s book is titled REFRAME: How To Change Your Conversations To Resolve Those Messy Conflicts.

Douma says REFRAME is a great refresher for anyone worried about their communication and conflict resolution skills post-COVID.

“As we slowly reopen, people may be worried about office politics and feeling anxious about their communication skills, after working alone for so long,” she says.

REFRAME provides l tools to connect better with others, avoid triggers, stay calm in the face of adversity, resolve conflicts, stay in control and boost confidence.

Douma says the book was written with the workplace in mind, and can help anyone become an authority on building relationships.

REFRAME is filled with quizzes and exercises that Douma has pulled from her private coaching practice.

She says the book is an accessible blueprint to conflict management, communication skills and greater confidence.

Douma has a master of arts in leadership and more than 20 years of leadership, teaching, consulting and coaching in the areas of business leadership, conflict resolution and communications.

She is also a certified consultant of the Birkman Method, a humanistic psychological personality assessment that helps her identify her clients’ needs and stress behaviours.

Douma says she is passionate about helping women communicate powerfully to earn the respect and appreciation they deserve.

She has been married for 37 years and is the mother of five and grandmother of 14. She regularly provides private coaching sessions to individuals and businesses, both virtually and in person.

The book is available at reframe-today.com or on Amazon.