Photographer Dylaina Gollub has named the Hunny Project in memory of her best friend Charly Ann Torikka (pictured).

Abbotsford photographer starts the Hunny Project

For those who ‘deserve a break of sunshine’

An Abbotsford photographer has started an initiative that she hopes offers support to people going through a tough time or who are “in need of a break of sun.”

Dylaina Gollub, 21, has started the Hunny Project, in memory of her best friend, Charly Ann Torikka, who died Nov. 6, 2016.

“She had beautiful bright-green eyes, the most loud and infectious laugh, and a heart as pure as gold,” Gollub said.

“She loved working the camera, dressing up with me and running around the backyard taking pictures, acting as silly as any 13-year-olds could be.”

The project involves people who are going through a difficult time to email Gollub with a short message. At the end of each month, she will do a draw for a one-hour photo shoot.

Gollub said the Hunny Project is named after the nickname that Torikka called her and others she met.

“My goal is to give back in the small way I know I can to those who deserve a break of sunshine in their life,” she said.