The Woman Of Worth conference celebrates decade of women’s leadership

Abbotsford resident Christine Awram organizes event held in Burnaby

The 10th annual Woman Of Worth Conference is celebrating a decade of women’s leadership development on May 31, at Burnaby’s Grand Villa Hotel and Conference Centre.

Abbotsford resident Christine Awram created the ‘WOW’ event in order to address what she perceived as a need for empowered leadership opportunities tailored to women. She believes females in leadership excel more fully through connection and collaboration, and benefit from an approach that blends personal and professional development.

The event will feature a special presentation by Oprah guest and best-selling author, Dr. Katie Hendricks, who is slated to present her findings on ‘empowered relating’.

The event will also feature speakers including world champion cyclist Leah Goldstein, News1130 anchor Tammy Moyer, award-winning comedienne Linda Edgecombe, international women’s hormones expert Brenda Eastwood, ‘Business Sherpa’ wealth strategist Colin Sprake, and Awram.

RBC reports that women entrepreneurs are one of the fastest-growing segments of the Canadian economy, as self-employed women have grown by a staggering 43 per cent. There are more than 821,000 women entrepreneurs in Canada, who annually contribute over $18 billion to Canada’s economy.

As well, in 2012 the Harvard Business Review reported a startling disconnect between the low incidence of female leaders and hard data about women’s leadership competency. Although women constitute half of the workforce of today’s largest organizations, only three to four per cent of the world’s CEOs are female.

“In order to close this gap, I believe we need to invite women to more fully empower themselves and connect with other like-minded powerful women,” said Awram.

“I think it’s not enough that women are encouraged to work hard. Women already work hard. I truly believe that the biggest obstacle to women succeeding as leaders and business owners is related to the mindset of their inner game. The best possible outcome for this event is that every woman who attends WOW is inspired to up the ante on her empowered leadership both personally and professionally, and celebrate her magnificence at an even higher level.”

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