Kathleen Rake

Kathleen Rake

Mission company launches series of eBooks

Kathleen Rake will reach readers worldwide as new book teaches how to write a news release and is stuffed with expert tips.

Click Media Works of Mission is launching the first in a series of eBooks that focus on subjects related to business and pleasure that will help the public quickly fill information gaps when they find themselves pressed for time.

The series is called Swift Kick Guides: Essential Information for Smart + Busy People and can be found on Kobo.

The premier eBook under the Swift Kick Guides banner, Making the News, is authored by Kathleen Rake and will reach readers worldwide today. It teaches readers how to write a news release and is stuffed with expert tips and tactics ideal for small business, non-profits and solo-preneurs.

“My eBooks are for people who don’t have time to read large volumes or sort through and aggregate all the little bits of information they find on the Internet. These eBooks are short, to the point and good for smart and busy people. And while I know my readers need some help to get going quickly, I don’t assume they know nothing,” said Rake who has been a Fraser Valley writer and editor for more than two decades.

Her second eBook is titled No More Gobbledegook: Write What You Mean, Quickly and with Impact, and is a guide to help those in an organization tasked with writing. It is due to be published toward the end of March, 2013.

Other working titles for her eBook series include You Want Wow! How to Write Ad Copy that Gets Results, which is all about writing ad copy for print, web and other media streams, and Build a Better Résumé, intended to help people get the job they really want by producing documents potential employers will find compelling.

Rake is also “a self-confessed perpetual student of wine” who writes a newspaper column and blog about all sorts of vinic pleasures. She plans to develop at least two Swift Kick Guides that will help people taste, pair, serve and enjoy wines.

“My wine-related eBooks will help people feel comfortable in any wine situation, from large formal tastings to winery tours to intimate dinner parties,” she said.

Rake’s growing series of Swift Kick Guides (in ePub format) will deliver important, useful information and will be available through Kobo.

“The ePub format can be downloaded and read on nearly all eReaders, smart phones, i-devices and computers,” she added.

Rake also plans to invite other knowledgeable professionals to write about their areas of expertise for Swift Kick Guides.