Coin machines installed at local TD branches

Abbotsford residents can bring in their containers of loose change and get them sorted automatically.

The majority of Canadians (69 per cent) actively avoid paying with change and likely have jars of it at home. For consumers keen to cash in their coins, without the hassle of sorting and rolling, TD Canada Trust has installed more than 300 automatic coin counter machines in branches across Canada this year, including three in Abbotsford.

“Our commitment to comfortable banking means we constantly look for opportunities to raise the bar in customer service,” said Diana Morrone, vice president, retail solutions for TD Canada Trust.

With so many available payment options beyond cash, customers are using coins very differently than they were 25 years ago, making it more common to have piles of change at home. TD Canada Trust’s research shows that consumers avoid using change because they prefer to pay with debit or credit (40 per cent), they don’t like to carry change (23 per cent) and it takes too long to count out at the cashier (17 per cent).

Even if they aren’t paying with it, almost all Canadians (96 per cent) have an idea of how much change they have at home, and a quarter (27 per cent) admitted to having at least $50 in change.

The new coin counters will be available to personal banking customers at no fee, and to business customers and the general public for a small charge.

The machines sort change and print a receipt, which can be cashed or deposited into a TD Canada Trust account at the teller.

The three Abbotsford locations are 2130 Sumas Way, 2298 Whatcom Rd. and 32817 South Fraser Way.